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What if I told you, there is a way to tell the truth and expose reality issues quite easily and with finesse, during these digital times, yes you got it right, Documentaries.

Amid many things occurring at the same time and at a fast pace, somethings get forgotten or left behind if they wouldn’t be documented—digitally documented to be specific.

Imagine the countless videos we wish we could watch on how, music legends, sportsmen and women, longstanding brands and organization maintained their course, or understanding what really happened during certain periods of time in our history.

It is only via documentaries, people can learn, educate themselves and get entertained at the same time, on different topics. Documentaries give us a unique avenue to observe and comprehend different aspects of our realities on screen, unfiltered and uncensored.

Tai Plus has been positioning it self to this craft for quite some time now. We are confident to say that, documentaries are the most viable means of shedding light to the truth .

Let us face the truth of the matter, at this day and time, Video is King. Videos are the new normal and in this case, documentaries are everybody’s friends, because they carry enough weight to showcase reality on any medium; it can be television or social media.

Given the current availability of great talent and decent content developers at Tai Plus, you are a few clicks away from getting your burning idea documented.

With our presence in the video production industry and collective staff experience of nearly a decade, we can assure you that, there is no time, where documentaries are more demanded like today.

Why documentaries matter

Documentaries give us a sense of an imagination of actual events and how they affected real people in real time.

Research shows that, nearly 95 per cent of viewers retain what they have seen on a video compared to 10 per cent when reading it in text format.

More importantly, according to Video Marketing Trends, nearly 83 percent of our experience of the world is captured by sense of sight. This means, whoever (companies, brands, and organizations) gets a chance to present the truth and nothing but the truth of our reality, packaged rather well, can gain superfast access to people’s minds and sometimes transform their lives.

We get to experience a front row seat in the past, it is just like a movie but this time we get to experience something quite true, fresh and real at the same time.

It is basically a non-fiction feature, it could be narrated all the way, filled with interviews and other elements it bears, but nonetheless, it is a pure form of storytelling that can change people’s lives, inform and educate.

Tai Plus takes that element of documentary filming, and enhances to show truth where things are cloudy and hazy, and maximize visibility of different aspects of life, particularly things that were not clear and understood by communities: for instance, our last 2020 short documentary Sauti Zenu.

With our expertise working with a handful of companies and brands, we are confident to say companies need documentaries for maximum in-depth communication with the public.

There is nothing more satisfying to a company, than the power of a documentary-video that exposes the company’s core corporate nature and the backbone of operations to its esteemed customers across the world.

Make your business visible in 2021

It goes with no doubt that, 2021 could start with a bang—if companies and brand would invest in showcasing their version of facts and truth to the public, for the sole goal of informing and educating, their esteemed customers.

It is fun and joyous when companies and brand get across their customers from a different perspective—particularly the marketing angle that they are used to. Meaningful documentaries are like an umbilical cord, connecting the public and companies or brands, making sense to various complexities looming over.

Ultimately, this drives sales and makes marketing operations more effective. The fun fact is that, no company can resist the power of a creative documentary.

Tell your story through a unique lens

Nothing softens people’s hearts and argues with logic fast like a good crafted story, and visually presented. TEDTalk organizers have verified this fact, saying that stories make human connect with themselves and make sense of their surroundings.

Documentaries provides a unique lens in telling stories. Whether it is a complex scientific breakthrough, brand, or product, there is a compelling story that resonates with a large number of people, eagerly waiting to make sense of the world and connect with their favorite streaming services, product and services they use on a daily basis.

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