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Animation Poduction


Why do you need an animation video ?

According to a recent research and study, animations are increasingly becoming popular for different reasons such as movies, advertisements, short films, documentaries, education, simulations and explainer videos. All of which can be produced at Tai plus. We produce 3D animation and Whiteboard media that will creatively tell your story with emphasis on engaging your target audience.We produce internationally for advertising agencies, production houses, brands as well as NGO’s.

The Animation Production Process.

Here is a brief explainer of the steps in the process. They are: Briefing and Research, Script writing and concept, mood board and storyboard, Style and illustrations, Voiceover, animation and Post production.

Briefing and Research

This is thefirst step where we listen to your idea and what you would like to achieve through the animation. Afterwards our team embarks on a research journey to ensure they have a wholistic understanding of your idea in relation to aspects like environment, economy and society.

Script writing and concept

In this step, a storyline is developed as well as the concept around your idea from the research that has been done. We share with you to hear how you feel about it.

Mood board and storyboard

Here we develop several mood boards (a type of collage consisting of images intended to project a particular style or concept) and sketch out a storyboard that shows how the script will play out scene by scene.

Style and illustrations

Here we share with you full color visuals that will give you an idea of how the finished video will look like.Depending on your video, this may include text, characters, backgrounds, icons and more.


We have a wide range of voice over artists and from the we select the most suitable for your animation if it requires a voice. This is a crucial part; the perfect fit voice is essential for it makes a whole lot of difference.


After all is done, we move to visual development and production from our professional animators using internationally recognized software. We manipulate the images so that they appear as moving images.

Post Production.

This is the stage that gives the video its final look. Post-production involves the complete process of creating and editing the sound mixing, background music, and graphics including lower thirds. Once the video is finalized, we send it to you for feedback and make any needed revisions. Finally, you can share your creatively crafted message through the animation to the world.

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