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Video Production

Video Production

Brand story video
What do people say about you, your company or your organization? Is it a representation of what your story is as a brand?Recent studies show that people are more connected to companies or organizations that they are connected to their story. Tai Plus is here to help you craft a brand video story which will help consumers connect with your brand. We will work with your team to produce your brand storyvideo. We will ensurepeople understand why you do what you do and how your services/products is/aremaking a difference in the society.Our goal is to make sure your objective is met.

Product(s) videos
Have you ever purchased an item and you just could not figure out how to use it despite reading the manual? Maybe you wanted to launch a product and was wondering how best to do it? What if you made explainer videos for your product(s)/services, or maybe made a video of your service/product during its launch? How cool, right. Well, we are here to walk with you through this process. It is purely explaining and gaining, by letting people understand how your product functions or how to go about using your service through a video. It can also be about a product/service you are launching. We will produce a video that will ensure your clients no longer face the same problem again or your product/service will stand out during its launch by creatively developing a launching story.

How old is your organization and have you ever thought about sharing the impact you have had in the society for all those years? Or maybe you just started and are thinking, well, why do I need a documentary. Here is why; people need to connect with your product or service, how about creating a video of the whole process of product production till impact in society or service consumption. That’s somewhere you can begin to connect with your consumers. With our vast experience, we will capture eye catching moments of your everyday life as time changes and we experience different phases of life. We will ensure we produce a documentary that lets you and your consumers feel like you are in a mutual relationship where everyone is a piece that matters and makes a difference.

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